Why Companies Need EAP

Employee Team

Employee Assistance Programs increase productivity and employee satisfaction by taking care of employees, their families, and your company. EAPs are shown to resolve up to 70% of modern issues. Watch this video to learn more about EAPs and how they support a more productive and happier workplace.

Advantages of EAP

What if you cut absenteeism by 59 percent? What if you had 21 percent fewer workers comp claims? What if turnover was cut by 35 percent? You’d see sixty-two percent higher productivity and a number of happier faces around the office.

With an employee assistance program you can take care of your employees, their families, and your company at the same time. Help is as close as the telephone, available for issues like stress, marriage, finance, legal issues, and more. Calls are confidential and employees pay nothing.

How Employee Issues Affect the Workplace

Take depression, it affects nineteen million Americans each year; that’s nearly 10 percent of us. Then there are legal and financial issues which half of us face each year. Stress of course, is a word we all know too well; stressed-out employees are three times more likely to consider quitting their jobs. Let’s not forget all the other demands on us like caregiving and personal issues such as problems with marriage. Employee assistance programs can resolve up to seventy percent of our modern problems, and most employees will tell you that your help means a lot to them. Employee assistance programs for your employees, for your company.