4 Traits Needed to Build a Strong Mind

Facing life's challenges takes a mental toughness to overcome obstacles, remain focused, and push the limits to be a top performer.
Marine recruit doing push ups
A strong mind pushes through adversity and enables people to work hard and stick to their goals.

Research studies show that personal achievement requires more than intelleigence, talent, or skill alone. So, what else makes a top performer? It's a strong-minded nature that enables a person to persevere, press forward, and commit to their goals.

Some people are born with a natural tendency to be mentally tough; for others, being strong-minded is not one of their best qualities. The good news is that everyone can develop the mental strength that is characteristic of successful people who get the most out of life.

On smartbrief.com, LaRae Quy describes how confidence, persistence, dedication, and control can help you to harness the power of a strong mind.

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