Work-Life and EAP

Employees Meditating
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Ever wish you had a little help dealing with life’s challenges? You do! You have this great benefit that offers access to counselors and experts who have one job … making your life easier. All your actions with them are completely free and confidential; this benefit is your employee assistance work-life programs, though your organization may call it by different name.

So how does it work?

It’s simple: first you contact us; you can discuss whatever is on your mind with a knowledgeable, sympathetic, helpful person, and they’ll tell you how we can help. Need to find care for your elderly mother? An adult care specialist will do the research for you and provide you with with referrals and educational materials. Feeling stressed or overloaded? A counselor will be glad to help you. Planning a vacation? A convenient services specialist can find you the best flight, a list of fun things to do, even tickets to the big game! We can help you deal with concerns about your relationships, finances, parenting, problems with a coworker, or your child’s college education; we can help you find a dog walker, housekeeper, supermarket, a dry cleaner that delivers in your neighborhood, a party planner, or a gym that has the classes you want; we can find an accredited child care center in your neighborhood or plumber for that leaky faucet. These are just examples; maybe your situation is a hundred percent different. No problem. We’re here to help you in the ways that you want and need.