Change Your Life for the Better

A Better Life
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Life is ever-changing. Whether things are getting better or worse, nothing remains the same. Just as the universe is constantly evolving, our personal lives are always moving forwards or backwards. Of course, most people prefer to continuously move in a positive direction, but sometimes we just don’t know how. Re-inventing or investing in ourselves can be challenge; so, where do we begin?

The first step is to inquire about ourselves. Good questions, lead to better answers, and ultimately a plan of action. In an article about personal development and motivation, Mick Uklega poses four questions that he suggests “will change your life”.

  • Who are you and what do you want?
  • Where are you and why are you there?
  • What will you do and how will you do it?
  • Who are your allies and how can they help?

Mick mentions that sometimes we become complacent or stuck which keeps us from pursuing our goals. To break out of the rut, we should “create a life map” to ascertain where we currently are and where we want to go. Next, it’s important to have a plan of attack, take the necessary steps, and monitor our daily actions. Finally, we should enlist a support team of people who are “insightful, useful, and helpful”.

Giving serious thought to those four questions can lead to answers that will transform your life for the better. Take a more in-depth look at yourself and check out Mick’s article on