The Value of Employee Assistance Programs

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EAP is an opportunity for employees to quickly and easily get help with virtually any problem they are experiencing. In video below, Donald Martin, LPC, CEAP, clinical manager for the Employee Assistance Program at Optima Health, explains how EAPs can help during difficult times.

Why do companies offer EAPs?

Employers realize that happier employees makes for a more productive workplace. EAP is offered to help meet employees’ needs and address their concerns so they can be the valued employee that the company expects. Although EAPs are provided by employers, the services are completely confidential and personal for each employee.

How do you know when you need help?

If work is affecting home or home is affecting work, contact your EAP.

When you walk into work carrying problems from home such as kids acting out, relationship issues, or other family-related stress, then you can’t be the effective employee that your employer wants. Likewise, if you walk out of work at the end of the day and you can’t focus on your children, spouse, and family needs because your mind is wrapped around issues and concerns at work, then you’re not doing well at home. The goal of EAP is to achieve a work-life balance so that neither has a negative impact on the other.