EAP Benefits

Employee Assistance Program

Your Employee Assistance Program offers a full range of free services and problem solving tools to you and your covered family members. Help is available for virtually any and every issue you may encounter; no problem is too big or too small.

What does EAP help with?

Counseling services cover a wide range of issues including stress, emotional problems, substance abuse, family and parenting issues, caregiving, finances, or simply dealing with a particularly difficult life decision. For example, if you are a caregiver for an elderly parent, an EAP can find elder care resources and support for you; if you are overwhelmed by money problems, a counselor can arrange debt counseling or other help.

While counseling is the primary focus of EAP, there are many other benefits that can helpe you deal with everyday issues and challenges. Sometimes you may simply need more information to make a good decision or solve everyday issues like finding good daycare provider or balancing your budget. Read a full list of common issues that EAP helps resolve.

Privacy and EAP

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of Employee Assistance Programs. Although EAPs are paid for by employers, EAP counselors work with employees personally and privately to help manage their circumstances and resolve their problems. EAPs simply would not work if the services were not confidential.