Social Work Support

Social Work Support

When life’s challenges and difficulties become overwhelming, social work support helps a person resolve, manage, or cope with the issues that inhibit their quality of life.

Helping You Work Through It

Care Matters provides counseling, resources, psychotherapy, and other support to help a person resolve concerns that have a negative impact on their life. We can help you face and overcome problems caused by injuries, disabilities, illnesses, addiction, stressful situations such as job loss, domestic violence, or death of a loved one, and other circumstances that are hurting your quality of life.

We offer support in a safe place where you can share your concerns & confide in someone who is sensitive to your needs

Care Matters is a shoulder that you can lean on during the hard times. Our Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) helps a distressed person to minimize or resolve the physical, emotional, mental, and social aspects of their concerns by providing:

  • Assistance in understanding the recovery process
  • Support, guidance, and answers to make informed decisions
  • Help returning to a normal life-style following rehabilitation
  • Education about coping strategies and adjustment skills
  • Resources and programs to improve independence