Medical Case Management

EAP Benefits

When health concerns require medical treatment, medical case management ensures the proper care is received, gives the support needed to achieve the best outcome, and helps achieve or regain a fulfilling lifestyle.

Helping You As A Person, Not A Patient

Care Matters coordinates and manages personalized recovery plans for anyone who requires on-going medical care. We give the support, resources, and counseling needed to help improve the person’s overall quality of life — physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially.

We do more than simply arranging medical care; We provide personal support, resources, and information to help you get your life back.

Care Matters understands the needs and concerns of anyone suffering from an injury or chronic medical condition. Our Certified-Advanced Social Work Case Manager (C-ASWCM) focuses on the wellness of the whole person to not only help further their medical recovery, but also to help them adjust and regain a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.