Boost Your Brain Power

Brain Power
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The most important organ in your body—your brain—needs workouts and attention to keep it healthy; learning new subjects, tackling new challenges, and engaging in new experiences are excellent ways to exercise you brain. There are also more subtle ways to give your brain the workout it needs. Matteo Bonetti of TrendinTech writes about boosting your brain power using a common household item—a simple pen or pencil.

As Bonetti states, a pen or pencil “… is a fantastic way to increase your learning speed, creativity and focus in ways that a computer never will. But how?

According to the article, when using a pen or pencil you’re more focused, you learn faster, and you’re more creative. Writing or drawing by hand allows you to concentrate by taking away the distractions of the internet, e-mail, text messages, and the everyday “hustle and bustle” or home- and work-life. Bonetti refers to UCLA psychologists who claim that students learn better when taking notes by hand rather than a computer, and a University of Washington study showing that essays written by hand were far better than those written using a keyboard.

So, it seems that using of a pen or pencil often can help to keep our minds sharp, and remind us of the days when life was simple before the onslaught of technology.

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