Bipolar Disorder and The Power of Pets

Power of Pets
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Pets are a big responsibility in a lot of cases, but they can also really enrich our lives. There is some evidence to show that people who have pets may live longer, be happier, and less lonely. Just petting a cat or a dog can actually lower your blood pressure and your cortisol levels thereby reducing stress and anxiety. You don’t need a lot of scientific evidence to show that if you’re around animals that are relaxed and calm, it’ll calm you down and relax you as well. They also force you to get out of bed when you’re feeling depressed by meowing in your face or barking or licking your face. And with dogs, it’s great because they force you to get up, walk, and get out into the world.

Check out a brief video by Bp Magazine in which columnist Melody Moezzi talks about the power of pets in recovery.


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